About Us

EMG is a full-fledged film and electronic media production company rooted in artistic integrity and sound business sense. As the culmination of a preexisting working relationship between its principals,

EMG will continue to explore distribution possibilities that reap optimal visibility and, consequently, revenues. Our primary goal is to provide compelling entertainment content across a broad range of genres and subject matter including comedies, family films, and genre films.

Our entire agenda is merely to complete productions with superior artistry, quality, and high profitability at a reasonable cost. We are not exponents of a particular political or social position as a company.

We do not promote a religious position nor endorse any social platform except as it pertains to the ideal conditions for our company’s success and growth.

We seek no remedy or course of action outside of what may be expressed through aesthetics. We strive only to make the kinds of films we long to see, and to benefit our investors.

We know the material exists to supply such a need on a quite limited basis, but know as well that an eager audience currently ignored by most conventional studios awaits our venture. 

We are confident that the creation of entertainment for this audience will be profitable to our financial backers, partners, and artistic associates, and will add great stylistic value to the film industry.

Our nascent company has already an impressive track record of success toward our mission.